Thursday, September 10, 2009

TALLER than you

I'll never explain why I never let this go. I'm black and burnt skin tissue smells. There's a man/boy in the corner who lies and breaks. I was not put on this earth to you rub you well, I was not put here to feel this way for ever. See, the sea is coming in closer and I'm about to leave with it. I've been around far too long now and I can't wake up like a dead man any more.

To be fair thought, the sky has fallen and left me weak. Blurry eyed and so so sweet, I'm lying on heavens cloud.

Monday, April 13, 2009


He was born with out eyes or ears. Only fragments of his body moving him closer to the pavement. He lives in the soil. Burying himself deeper in the ground, hiding from the sun that dries him out. He simply sticks to the earth and the birds prey and feed when it rains. Slipping in to tight holes, leaving behind a sticky mess, this goes on for ever. Today it poured for 3 days, leaving him vulnerable. Can't run any where ( aint got no legs ) can't fly any where ( aint ever had wings ) He awakes in before day break looking around for his other sticking out of the ground. They wrap around each other and fall faint to the morning dew. Before its light, they must finish, they go faster and faster, never letting go and feeding off one another. Just as the act is finish some one realizes the picks them apart. They are only minerals now. Only for the use of the process.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Sweet nectar gathering on lips of mothers now and forgotten. Savaging around for warmth radiating off the river. Twists our wrist wrong, and the pain is last a long time. Building up words of wisdom, moving in and out of random beds, we find our selves believing once again that this is just as lethal as they come. Growing wings, the sound scape of open fields comports and provides, leaves us bleeding in the most meticulous ways. Ideas flowing faster than the mouth can speak, speaking louder now, only so the vast amount of herds that roam here have grown scared and uneasy.

I sleep alone most nights, the sky my blanket. I feel my heart sinking deeper every day. Falling with the galaxies, turning in to a cosmic relief. I havnt felt the rest of the world yet. I havnt even felt myself.
I hate the way the night leaves its self in me.
I wish to the unholy to sanction me a home.
I've got one chance to live. I'm going to choose to float.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I know everything's going to be okay. I saw it in a day dream.

Floating around, spring sprung faster and brighter. The smell is thumping us really hard and I wouldn't have it any other way. I could never have found myself sooner or quite the same if cold had left sooner. Every thing seems well rounded and lighter. Even if we were formed in two diffrent places, no two living souls were meant to wallow in one another then the two that are present right now. We have fallen far from a tree, and the tree has many splinters and its old and many birds have nested there. I know that the further you fall, and the longer you fall, your bound to make your own tree and we can rise richer and stronger than the last. We are going to see many skies turn purple and struggle with where we want to go. This is all the process of finding out who will stand in the end, and we can root ourselves deep like in letters written. We know what we have and nothing more can stabilize us because we are so in touch with every thing. I'm not scared of the struggle or how its going to make my heart weak at times. I'm not scared of any of that. Just treading alone is the thing that frightens me the most.

Some thing stolen.

The spring winds come to blow the left over leaves that fall had previously left.

There seems to be less of muse, I wanted to be the muse, tied up on strings, dangling in all my glory. I felt my flesh crawl, and my heart beat harder as I walked alone. I felt the ground linger around my feet, weeping because I couldnt move on it like it wanted. I couldnt feel it like I could before, and it was so cold, harsh, and blew me away and all I did was run. The concept of running never crossed my mind. I grew up crooked and always in and out love. Blinded because some times spit burns.

I built up to this, everything i planned out went accordingly and shocked me. Maybe this is a storm that passes over fast. And my feelings are some thing of folk lore. Even the sun cant press its cheeks against mine. I'm on fire, dipping out of sleep and have the most horrible ideas piercing my sides. The most tender parts.

Tomorrow lands a new mission. Struggling with myself, and wrestling with some future I cant grasp fully. Im going to watch the season grow tired. I'm going to lay in the damp grass and close my eyes to die with the stars.

Friday, March 20, 2009

It feels ferverish

I'm gonna take this under my wing, cause ever since i could remember this certain wind has been pushing me hard. The desert has become dryer longer now. We fill voids with what ever is seasonable. Some day soon though, the love around the two of them is going to sink under the skin and soak up the bones, and muscle. I'm become more brawnier than ever before. This is what I needed for myself. Feathers wrapping around myself. They are soft to say the least, but the colors are sight to be reckoned with.

Coughing harder today. Letting threads, shards of glass, and other dreadful things become stuck in my throat. I couldnt imagine tomorrow, or the day after. Weeks have passed faster than I can reach for the stars and claim them my own. I'm gonna keep loving for ever I promise. I'm never gonna fade, specially not out of our hearts.