Friday, March 20, 2009

It feels ferverish

I'm gonna take this under my wing, cause ever since i could remember this certain wind has been pushing me hard. The desert has become dryer longer now. We fill voids with what ever is seasonable. Some day soon though, the love around the two of them is going to sink under the skin and soak up the bones, and muscle. I'm become more brawnier than ever before. This is what I needed for myself. Feathers wrapping around myself. They are soft to say the least, but the colors are sight to be reckoned with.

Coughing harder today. Letting threads, shards of glass, and other dreadful things become stuck in my throat. I couldnt imagine tomorrow, or the day after. Weeks have passed faster than I can reach for the stars and claim them my own. I'm gonna keep loving for ever I promise. I'm never gonna fade, specially not out of our hearts.

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