Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Only hide the star burst in your eyes, and when its pitch black, and alone, suddenly realize that maybe once in this life your never going to be alone. The world that surrounds you is just bigger than you imagined, and maybe this is scary, or just not what the plan was.... but know that if living this by plan bring a sore stomach then do any thing to make this pain go away. The one you fall asleep with may subtract what feels right, and the one a couple months ago felt more right than no. The gut feeling is over the feeling we give in to, better or not, we really can always run.

Deep down though, love can be felt. Some may not know where to put it, or how to use, because its only happend once before or never. Its going to be only time though, this only happens once. We cant for give any longer, and we cant live some thing that doesn't blossom every day. What we can do is follow what ever feels right. We can keep open hearts and let our selves flow out and smell the sweet summer air. Alone or not.

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