Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One moment, I need to catch my breath.

Today I woke up, and today I felt like a revenant. Cold fingers and a cold heart, because last night under myself I imagined some one worrying over nothing at all, I wasn't even dying, just falling and peering over you in to the vast state of detachment. Every one of my friends know the trepidation I endure to breath, taking in only what's good, taking in only the past, taking in only what any one else wants to see in them selves.

When I woke up today I wanted to play on hope, because it's all I have, and what I learned to live for. You are diluted, gracefully walking around the idea of how you really are. I can see the demure representation you exude and give off, only to others. You can be free, nothing is wrong with a little slash in the neck.

Do you remember that one time I begged for forgiveness from myself? It was the time I hadnt given up on planting the perfect garden, also the same moment when my chest caved in and suddenly I made you feel impotent. Going in to this, more that diving, I said, well she said, that you can never rely on him to give you what you want. Then she implied that the one I love is senseless and I told her "How could some one so senseless crave the flesh of another, even if I made him up in my head?" She screamed and died.

Give it up my man, we can't lay together for ever. Because this is in vain, a lie in itself, the two of them fall at the hands of [god] but I won't ever say a word. Later that day I walked in the tall grass and lost where i was or had been. All I know know is what is, and as far as that goes is way deep down, in to the blood that flows through each one of you. Don't give anything you have to me. Don't even show me the world.

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