Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shaper than him.

Never any thing said, was what i wanted to hear, even the other day
the sky looked the same. The day after a sudden spurt of locust
swarmed over head, a sign that he had his eyes had been wandering
and maybe you should had stayed there. The place lit up. Its most
captivating and I feel myself loosing the battle.

I'm gonna dance really hard on your chest, to see if you alive,
so you can feel me on top of your hard self. Crush the breast bone.
Steal your still pumping heart and tell it to fucking
breathe once in a while, it gets the blood flowing again. It just
dosnt want to spend its whole life alone.

You see I'm becoming caught up in a web
full of half told stories. They pile up in stacks
higher that my head in the clouds. I wonder
all day if this is where I'm bound to be forever.
What if one day i wake up and scream and jump out
of my skin... Most literally.

I'm gonna walk each day though with a careful step. The clouds
are far to white to ignore, and the air sweeter than the day before.
Even if we both fall apart in front of one another, at least
we had the chance of multiplying for one last time.

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